Science of Hermeneutics — Mr. Hermen Eutics?

Parliament of Wise Owls

Parliament of Wise Owls

No, not Mr. Hermen Eutics!

Many do not know that there is actually a science for the study of Scripture. When it is carefuly utilized, all the while praying that the Holy Spirit be our teacher (I John 2:27), it brings us very close to the meaning that God intends for us to glean from His Word. This is the science of hermeneutics.

Many believe that Scripture is a matter of subjective interpretation, but nothing could be further from the truth. Others believe that if their pastor, or a prominent public teacher declares it, it must be true. Not so.

If the understanding of God’s Word is a matter of subjective interpretation, that is if we “feel” we understand the meaning, it seems logical to us, and it fits into our world view, then we must have figured it out. Not so, once again.

One must use a methodical approach to remove, as much as possible, individual bias in interpretaton.

Studying Scripture is not a happenstance, willy-nilly project. God has given us teachers, some godly and excellent, some not so and some downright deceptive and diabolical.  We have a responsibility as followers of Christ to be good Bereans whenever we listen to any teacher.

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