• Do you have the feeling that you can never do enough?
  • Are you frustrated by following an organization or an overbearing leader and not necessarily God?
  • Have you–or someone you love–been disfellowshipped/cut off/excommunicated?

As everyone has the right to hold his/her own religious beliefs, we too are expressing those same rights. We also believe we have the responsibility to expose the doctrine and the abusive and manipulative practices of high demand authoritarian religious groups. We seek to offer historical, biblical Christian truth emphasizing Jesus Christ to those bound in these groups.

To learn more about Make Sure Ministries and what we have to offer, click here:  Who Are We? We are…

To begin to find your way out of bondage to a religious group and to the works this group is imposing on you, click on Personal Stories in the menu above and choose one. We pray this site will be a blessing as you diligently search for the Truth.

Christianity is not a religion;

it is a relationship with the Living Christ.

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