Great Crowd — in Heaven?!

 “…great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people, and language.” (Rev. 7:9)

Where are they standing?

Before the throne.

In front of the Lamb.

Where are the throne and the Lamb?

“They [the great multitude] are before the throne of God and serve in His temple day and night…”

 “The Lamb is in the midst of the throne…”  (Rev. 7:15-17)

Where is the temple?

“God’s temple in heaven…” (Rev. 11:19)

“I looked and in heaven the temple…” (Rev. 15:5)

So, the great crowd is “before the throne,”  “in His temple,” “in heaven.”

“I heard the sound like the roar of a great crowd in heaven, shouting…” (Rev.19:1)

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