John 1:1 & WTB&TS

John 1:1

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (New American Standard Bible [NASB], italics ours)

The Watchtower Organization has “translated” this Scripture in their New World Translation as:

“In [the] beginning, the Word was, and the Word was with God, and the Word was a god.” (italics ours)


This is the announcement by N.H. Knorr and F.W. Franz of the release of the Kingdom Interlinear Translation in 1969 at the “Peace on Earth” International Assemblies of Jehovah’s Witnesses (scroll down for scanned pages highlighting John 1:1; click on any page for a larger view). Note the importance put upon the ability of Witnesses to now be able to understand the literal meaning of the Greek.

This same announcement goes on to mention the Diaglott (scanned pages follow), then back to the value of the Kingdom Interlinear (KIT).

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John 1:1 as rendered in the Watchtower Society’s Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures. See the first two lines in the upper left, then compare to the New World Translation in the upper right.

The original Greek says “god was the Word” while the NWT says, “the Word was a god.” “A god” indicates one of many, while “god” indicates but one, a specific one.

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The next three scanned images are the cover of the KIT and two cover pages.  Scroll beyond these to see the Diaglott.

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The Diaglott, published by the WTB&TS, shows John 1:1 translated as “and the Logos [Word] was God” (upper right hand corner).

The cover of the Diaglott and the cover page:

Conclusion: the WTB&TS, in its own published works, uses correct translations of John 1:1, all the while continuing to insist that the correct “translation” is “the Word was a god” in their own New World Translation. Why? Because it is vital to their theology that Jesus Christ not be part of the Triune God, the Almighty God, but rather be Michael the Archangel, simply a creation of God.

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2 thoughts on “John 1:1 & WTB&TS

  1. You must be clueless. Have a look at the diaglott of John1:1…in the left hand side where the greek is. What does it say? “and a god was the word” But on the right,the trinitarians have taken out what the Greek is saying on the left. “a god”. The proof you supply proves the KIB to be right. Why did the printers of the diaglott change the original Greek meaning thats clearly seen in your scan? Because they believe the opposite of the true Greek and changed to bible to suit their lies!

    1. Kevin,
      1. The Kingdom Interlinear is a Watchtower publication with the New World Translation on the right side of each page. On the Greek side, John 1:1 is transliterated into English as, “and god was the Word,” NOT “a god.” This transliteration is said to be “a literal word-for-word translation into English” by the WT in the first paragraph of the first scanned page after the scan of the purple cover.

      > The NWT translates it as “the Word was a god.” Why did the WT add the “a” to read “a god”?

      2. The Diaglott, while published by the WT, is a text by Benjamin Wilson. He used the Vatican (Roman Catholic) Manuscript #1209 from the Vatican Library in Vatican City. Indeed, the Greek here is transliterated as, “and a god was the Word.”

      > Why I do not know. From my research into Greek, the language does not have indefinite articles (only definite; English: “the”) of which “a” is ours in English. (Disclaimer: I am not a Greek scholar however I am a former Spanish and French teacher so I understand a bit about the function of grammar.) You will notice the next line (verse 2) says “with the God.” You can see the corresponding Greek word for “the” while you will see no corresponding Greek word for “a.”

      > The translation into English by Mr. Wilson, however, says, “and the Logos was God.” Not “a God.”

      > I will also point out that the publishing date is 1942, quite a while before the WT’s publication of the NWT in 1961. I assume that this was as close as they could come at the time to supporting their belief that Jesus is a smaller god, with a lower case “g,” Michael the Archangel.

      3. Of the two Greek transliterations into English (KIT & Diaglott), you choose to stand by the Vatican’s rather than the Watchtower’s. Interesting.

      4. Furthermore, how does one arrive at two gods, the Father and the Son, but only one true God, Jehovah? One god must therefore be false.

      The bottom line is that it is crucial to know who Jesus is. I refer you to this link on our website:

      I pray that Jehovah guide you into His truth—not mine, not yours, but His.

      If you’d like to continue this discussion, it will be easier for us if you use our email address: [email protected] which is found in the sidebar of each page.



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