Denise – heavy burden removed

Denise and her husband, Alan

When I met the Jehovah’s Witnesses I thought I had found the TRUTH.

What I had really found was a smooth running religion that had all the bells and whistles, until my heart broke from never being perfect enough, never putting in enough time and just being the cookie cutter JW every one thought I should be.

Finally my heart broke and I admitted to myself that I needed a Savior. After many tears, I turned toward the LORD Jesus. He took me as I was, He removed the heavy burden of the Watchtower and replaced it with His light yoke of kindness.

I want to help others because I hate to see them settle for manmade when they (you) can have God-breathed life. My life is so blessed! I’m in love with the LORD and hope my story points the WAY to Him.


Denise Click

Denise told her story at the Journey To Jesus Conference at the Glencoe Baptist Church in New Smyrna Beach, FL, on April 17, 2010.

Length: 40 min.

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