Witnesses Now For Jesus Conferences

East, Southeast, Mid-West, Southwest (Texas), West Coast

There are a number Witnesses Now for Jesus Conferences around the United States and one that was planned for England, just outside of London, but cancelled due to COVID. Some of the ones listed below were also cancelled this year for the same reason. Check WNFJ.org for Conferences still to come this calendar year. Following the Pennsylvania Conference, planning then begins for the next year.

Each Conference is live streamed and videos of the speakers are later posted to the YouTube channel WNFJ2008.

The original Convention, which began in 1978, took place each autumn and was a wonderful time of fellowship for all! It was held in New Ringgold, Pennsylvania, all those years until 2019 when it moved to Harrisburg, PA, and now is in a number of locations around the United States. The attendees were often an international mix of hurting people seeking freedom from bondage to cults. This was in the days before the internet gave everyone easy access to information. While the focus tended to be on Jehovah’s Witnesses, this was not to the exclusion of those involved with other groups. Everyone found much information and fellowship with others of like minds and hearts. 

Current locations:

> East Coast Witnesses Now for Jesus Conference, Harrisburg, PA, in the fall

> Southeast Witnesses Now for Jesus Conference, Dunedin, FL, (just north of Clearwater) in the winter

> Mid-West Witnesses Now for Jesus Conference, Bonne Terre, Missouri (south southwest of Saint Louis) often the last weekend in July

> Southwest Witnesses Now for Jesus Conference, New Braunfles, TX (32 miles NE of San Antonio), in the summer

> West Coast Witnesses Now for Jesus Conference, Sacramento, CA, often the last weekend in April

WNFJ.org will provide all the information needed for attendance and live streaming. If a Conference isn’t listed, it is generally because a specific date has not been yet established.

Videos are posted to YouTube on WNFJ2008 channel. You can also see videos from several previous years posted.

We hope to see you there!

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