Stories of Those Who’ve Left High Demand, Authoritarian Groups

Click on the photo to read their story:

Neil – from pagan to Christ (Neil requested Sasquatch!)

Michelle – from Italian Catholic to Jehovah’s Witness to Believer in the Lord Jesus!

Carol – church goer to Watchtower student & back to Christ

Abel – could never measure up to the Watchtower’s expectations

Betty – the tragic loss of her father set into motion a series of events (additional links)

Todd – from the “prison yard” to freedom in Christ!

Nicole – broken free and on to Jesus …

Martha – from contempt to the loving arms of my Heavenly Father

George – God’s grace in my life: Free in Christ, active JW wife

Ray & Marilyn – fifty years in the Watchtower! (many additional links)

Denise – heavy Watchtower burden removed (audio)

John – failed 1975 Armageddon and a death In the family …

Bill & Dawne – never JWs but touched by their plight

Dave – married to a Mormon before realizing the LDS church was not biblically Christian (link to booklet entitled, Challenged to Investigate: A Christian’s Response to an Invitation to Become a Mormon, found on this website)

Additional stories of those who have escaped …

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