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Concerning Mormon Authority & Blacks in the Priesthood

Mormons teach that in the pre-existence Lucifer began a war in heaven over the rejection of his plan of salvation. One third of the sons of God sided with Lucifer, one third fought against him, and one third failed to be valiant in the struggle. Brigham Young said these non-valiant sons of God were cursed … Read More

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You Tube Interview with Michelle and Carol

Vivian Sielaff interviewed our own Michelle and Carol about their journeys into and out of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and finally into the arms of Jesus Christ. Michelle says, “My friend, Vivian Seilaff, author of Asleep in Jesus, remembered my testimony years ago of coming out of Jehovah’s Witnesses. She asked to interview me and asked how Carol and I … Read More

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MSM Has Joined the Blogasphere!

Always attempting to reach out to others, we’ve joined the blogasphere. Our absolute number one priority is to provide support for you and for your loved ones. Our contributors love those who are lost in these sects and who desire nothing more than to help them be set free from their bonds. We long to … Read More

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